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The Samara Jan Turkel Foundation was created in January 1995 in memory of our daughter Samara, who lost her life to an unknown, undiagnosed autoimmune disease. Samara was just 5 years old. Samara’s life was rich, full, sweet, but sorrowfully short. It is with the memory of her love and her importance to us that we established the Samara Jan Turkel Clinic for Pediatric Autoimmune Disease at Children’s Hospital Boston .

On December 1st we remember Samara's 25th birthday. Samara’s clinic is testimony to the depths of our friendships: without you none of this would have been possible. Below there is a link to make a tax deductible contribution to Children’s Hospital Boston. Our campaign begins at $24 dollars.

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From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for participating and remembering Sam. From our family to yours, a happy holiday season.

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For more information on Making Better Tomorrows Today visit The Samara Jan Turkel Center for Pediatric Autoimmune Disease information page on the Children’s Hospital Boston website and Samara’s homepage.

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The Samara Jan Turkel Clinical Center
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